Rise Kohyang Middle School Receives the Gold Ribbon Schools Award


Our team at Rise Kohyang Middle School (“RKMS”) is proud to announce that we were recently honored with the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award! This prestigious designation is given by the California Department of Education to middle and high schools that demonstrate outstanding educational programs and practices, as well as significant gains in student achievement. Although there are thousands of secondary schools across California, RKMS is one of only 193 middle schools and 180 high schools that were awarded as Gold Ribbon Schools in 2015!

The rigorous application was managed by some of our amazing team members, including Ms. Mindy Shim, Ms. Molly Bryan, and Ms. Sue Chae, along with myself. During the application process, we were asked to highlight our school’s model programs, which include standards-based activities, strategies, and innovative practices that can be replicated by other school districts. In the RKMS application we highlighted data-driven and Common Core instruction, promotion goals, our response to intervention (RtI) program, blended learning with digital portfolios, and our Special Education and English Language Development programs.


As part of the review process, a team of evaluators visited the RKMS campus to see our school in action. The officials observed different classrooms and interviewed various stakeholders from our school community. There was a shared excitement by all of our staff members on the day of the visit. Just to go through the selection process and have the State’s consideration was an honor! We have always placed a tremendous emphasis on guiding our students to become caring and responsible individuals, and the reviewers gave our team positive feedback on the supportive school culture at RKMS. They were also impressed with our Common Core readiness and complimented the balance between a data-driven culture and academic program.

Winning the Gold Ribbon Schools Award is very special to all of us at RKMS. We are especially proud to be awarded this title before our founding class of students has graduated. It serves as a reminder that in our first three years as a school we have achieved quite a bit and encourages us to go further. Per the mission and vision of Rise Kohyang Middle School, technology will be the next large push. Through our unique programs and culture, we will continue to live up to our responsibility of educating our students to be prepared for college and life.

Mrs. Eliza KimLy
Founding Principal
Rise Kohyang Middle School

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