VAHS Physics Students Build a Hydraulic Pump Using Renewable Energy

Written by Ms. Patel, Physics Teacher at Valor Academy High School (VAHS)

About the Physics Project

VAHS Physics students were given a unique opportunity to build an operating device on a renewable source of energy through the project “Be an Engineer”. The objective was for the operating device to be able to perform some sort of work. Aside from a functioning operating device designed by them, students also completed a project report with a blueprint of their design, pros and cons of their operating device, and ideas for how they could further improve their device.

Designing the Operating Device

Students were able to use their creativity to design any type of operating device they could imagine. Ms. Patel’s Physics students Maria M. (right in the video), Cindy O. (left in the video), and Crystal G. (center) went above and beyond with their creativity and engineering skills while working on this project and building a hydraulic pump. Cindy enjoyed that the project allowed them to work “like engineers do” while Crystal says, “It was worth learning new concepts.” Below you can watch a demonstration of the team and their hydraulic pump project.


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