RKMS Receives Walt Disney Foundation Motif Award for Youth Advocacy


Written by Caleb Ro, 8th grade student at RKMS

Congratulations RKMS! We received the Motif Award on September 11th at the Walt Disney Concert Hall! Thank you teachers for helping all of us out and trying your best. For those who don’t know about the Motif Award, here is an explanation below.

The Motif Award is given out to only 20 schools nationally. RKMS was one of only five schools in Los Angeles to be awarded the Scholastics Medal. Mrs. KimLy represented our school on stage and received the award. She said, “This is a national award that looks for schools with youth advocacy.” Someone saw our program and they appreciated that we were a public school with programs like Digital Portfolio, Technology class, and Visual Performing Art class. Mrs. KimLy said, “It was a lot of validation and an honor to receive the award.”

Ms. Kim, our 6th Grade ELA teacher, was also present when Ms. KimLy received the award. “When RKMS got this prize, I felt very proud of our school for all its accomplishments. Our students put in a lot of work when advocating for themselves, their school and their community. It’s nice to be recognized for something we believe in.

Let’s keep it up RKMS! Thank you teachers for helping us learn about ourselves and for giving back to the school and, last but not least, our community. If you’d like to congratulate RKMS, post a comment below!


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