Valor MS Parent Reflects on Daughter’s Experience in Manchester, England

Three of our students, Alexi (Lexi), Vicente (Chente), and Haily, were chosen, along with 8 other kids from around the world, to be Chevrolet Mascots for the Manchester United team. In May, they flew to Manchester, England, accompanied by a family member, to meet the players. Lexi’s mom, Alejandra, wrote about the experience and what it means to her family.


To say that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity is an understatement. Knowing that my daughter was one of the few selected to represent our schools brings much pride to our family.

I am most excited about the exposure Alexi will be able to enjoy. The exposure to the British accent, the food, the culture, it’s all so overwhelming and humbling. How cool is it that Lexi and Chente get to do this together? They’ve been raised together since they were born and to add this to their wonderful shared memories is just precious.

I’d like to think Alexi understood the magnitude of this trip and how fortunate we were to be able to embark on such an adventure. The experiences we had with the Manchester United team were surreal. From watching one of the most anticipated rivalries unfold to interacting with world-class players. To be in their presence and watch my daughter touch the ball with them was incredible.

Soccer is of upmost importance to our family. Without this sport, our little family wouldn’t exist. Alexi’s grandfather and great grandfather both played professionally in Mexico many years ago. It is not only important because it keeps you physically in shape, but it also feeds your soul. You can ask any player at any level and we will all agree that some wonderful and unforgettable memories were created amongst the grass with the ball at your feet. Soccer is a passion that crosses social lines and doesn’t discriminate between the rich and poor. Soccer brings many people from different walks of life together, where for about 90 minutes we all speak the same language and share a similar goal: to come and have fun.

Watch Lexi’s soccer story here:

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