Stella Middle Students Explore Catalina Island

Written by Mr. Fitisemanu, PE Teacher

Stella Middle Charter Academy (SMCA) students and staff spent a week on Catalina Island at White’s Landing campgrounds for their end-of-the-year life experience lesson. Students participated in different activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, and stargazing to learn about the different constellations. They also engaged in ecology and geology activities to learn more about the different elements of the island. These activities included dissecting a squid and learning about the different types of rocks on the island and identifying them in nature using a picture chart.

The week’s experiences also enabled students to grow closer and develop friendships outside of school. Students were encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones and further explore values such as positivity, compassion, community, courage, and leadership. As a teacher, I learned a great deal about my students and gained a better understanding of who they truly are. The activities and experiences I witnessed were very moving because I saw students step out of their comfort zones and gain a new perspective and appreciation for life. I know this Catalina experience will be something that our students and staff will remember for the rest of our lives. Watch the video below for an up-close look at our trip!


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