SMCA 5th and 6th Graders Participate in Beach Cleanup

Written by Paola C., 6th grade student at Stella Middle Charter Academy

On Friday November 4th we went to the beach. We worked with students from Calvary Christian School to clean it up. I think it was important to have the beach cleanup because we all learned to work together. We also learned that we need to clean up after ourselves. There was a lot of trash on the beach because sometimes people don’t clean up after themselves. We also played some games in groups. In each group there were 4 kids from Calvary Christian School and 4 of us from Stella Middle Charter Academy. It was so fun, and I made new friends. My favorite part was playing the games because it was a good laugh. I learned that people will like you the way you are because I was myself, and I made a lot of friends. I liked the trip so much and would like to go again.

Check out pictures of the beach cleanup below!

Students bond at beach cleanup

Students participate in team building activities at the beach cleanup.


Students pick up trash off the beach during the beach cleanup.

Paola and her friend from Calvary Christian school at the beach cleanup.


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